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The game is in "Early Release" so the game are probably not 100% stable, but I am still really proud of it and I hope you all will like it. The version is right now 0.626 so it's not even 20% Finshed and I will keep adding content to the game and the more support the game gets, the faster I will add content. So I hope people will support this game because it means alot to me and I really love making games. It can be really hard to make games by your own sometimes so support would be really helpful. 

About the game: 

The game has a open world system so you can go wherever you want unless it's night... Don't want to say too much. ;)
You can save your progress but only on some locations. NPC is and will be more in the game like Shops, Tasks, Quests.
The graphic got high really nice filters and textures but still a old school feeling to it. I want people to come to a unknown world
without any clue what to expect and learn from their mistakes while playing just to get a cool open world atmosphere. 
The story is your playstyle but at the same time following a story.

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Pretty neat stuff, like the retro visuals!

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Okay, after playing for about twenty minutes, I found some stuff that may need changes. Though these are just my suggestions, that's all. 1. The day-night cycle is way too quick. You should make the day time last for about five minutes, and nighttime last for two and a half minutes. 2. increase the overall map size. I found that points of interest (Shops and temples) to be too close to other points of interest, possibly cause the map is a bit small? I dunno, I haven't played it enough to know how big the map is, so take this one with a pinch of salt. So just maybe spread em out a bit more. and 3. which is an obvious one that you'll add overtime, but I'd like to see more weapon and enemy variations.

Well that's all I have to say. I hope you improve upon the game and I hope it gets more attention. :)

Thanks for the comment, I will keep that in mind while making the new versions! :)

I honestly really like the old school graphics. I'd love to see more enemy variations, maybe some cliche looking monsters like Werewolves or something.